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Leijenaar Solutions

develop the right product faster

Our aim is to help companies to develop their new products faster.

In Leijenaar Solutions I focus on creating value for customers by helping them develop the right product faster.

I enjoy working for clients who want to achieve groundbreaking results by developing and bringing new concepts to the market. These can be start-ups as well as established companies that want to expand their product portfolio with new concepts.

Mechatronic product development & consultancy | Leijenaar Solutions

I am a creative thinker and I combine technical depth with strong process knowledge and business insight. Right from the start of my career I have been involved in product development in many different branches such as medical devices, production equipment for the semi-conductor industry, food production, vending machines, consumer products and agricultural/horticultural machines.

With a solid foundation in mechanical engineering and mechatronic system design, I have broadened my scope to include lean project management, design thinking, product management and "Logical Thinking Processes".

I am a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Affiliate who is fully trained to help companies adopt the Rapid Learning Cycles framework as described in the work of Katherine Radeka.

Since the start of Leijenaar Solutions in 2008 I have helped various companies with product development projects. I have done this in different roles, such as system architect, mechatronic designer, project manager and engineering manager.

I have always had a great interest in methods of developing the right product and speeding up the process. For this I learned from Systems Engineering, Theory of Constraints, Logical Thinking Process, OODA, Kanban, Design Thinking and Lean Product Development.

In 2011 I attended a presentation from Katherine Radeka on the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework. This framework is a synthesis of many of the insights that help to develop the right product faster. It pushes learning forward and postpones decisions as late as possible. Today I am a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Affiliate.

As a product engineering manager I introduced the Rapid learning Cycle framework as a way of working in the product development department of a design driven consumer products manufacturer. As a system architect and project manager for several new concept development projects, I applied the RLC framework to manage the project.

In 2018 I developed my own electric mowing system, Eco Clipper, for maintaining large fields of grass  and I market it through LS Products BV. These products are well picked up in the niche market for sod farmers. Customers of Eco Clipper can reduce their mowing costs significantly. There are examples that customers triple the capacity, halve the fuel costs and increase the cutting quality all at the same time by switching to Eco Clipper.

Today I am especially interested to help companies to develop their products faster. In sharp  focused engagements I would like to help you focus on your goal and facilitate development teams in setting up development plans to develop the right product faster.

What we do

Innovation is the conversion of new ideas into services or products that add value. Without innovation, a company will die. Successfully developing new products and making a profit from them is not easy. Most business processes are designed for efficiency and the elimination of variation.

These processes do not work for the development of new products.

Common problems in product development are:
• It takes too long
• The costs are exceeded
• Disappointing results
• Uncertainty as to whether the right product will be developed

The solution people choose to solve their problems only slows them down.

I can help you improve your product development activities by:
• Explore the goal of the new product development and the road towards it
• Focus on the goal and the important decisions that are needed to reach the goal
• Structure the creative process with a lot of freedom
• Improve cooperation between disciplines and stakeholders
• Test ideas rapidly in order to continue with the good ideas
• Record what has been learned, so that the knowledge developed can be further built upon

A collaboration can start with a low threshold by clarifying your question and objective and identifying whether, where and how we can help in the realization of innovation plans or the improvement of the internal product development process.

Leijenaar Solutions has experience in product development for start-ups, SMEs and various multinationals. We regularly collaborate with other consultants and design/engineering firms. By taking a broad view of the matter, we can often quickly assess the bottlenecks and the opportunities for improvement. We are also a good sparring partner for owners and managers during development programs to discuss opportunities and threats.

We use the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework for development projects with a high degree of uncertainty and high costs of change. RLCf is a method that brings together the effective aspects from different product development methods in a very nicely integrated way. Leijenaar solutions is accredited to teach and apply the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework under license.

Rapid Learning Cycles

The Rapid Learning Cycle Framework is a synthesis of methods from Agile and Lean Product Development and is intended for the development of hardware products and products that require a longer development time. It is especially useful in projects with high uncertainty and high costs of change.

RLC structures the development process, focuses on priorities, facilitates mutual communication between team members and stakeholders and helps to record what has been learned. This leads to an acceleration and quality improvement of the development process.

I would like to tell you more about RLC and how you can implement it in your company.

Mechatronic product development & consultancy | Leijenaar Solutions


Product development is also about teamwork and networking. These are our network partners we are associated with: 

LS Products BV

LS Products sister company for manufacturing of product solutions like Eco Clipper Mowing Systems.


PCV Group: People Creating Value

PCV Group network partner for executing larger product development trajectories.

High Velocity Innovation

RLC institute the portal to learn more on the Rapid Learning Cycle Method.

Syb Leijenaar is a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Affiliate.

ParadigmShift - Innovate beyond the current paradigm

ParadigmShift network partner for strategic plannning and development of new products and technologies, beyond the current paradigm. 

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