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Leijenaar Solutions

Develop the right product faster

Leijenaar Solutions focuses on creating value for customers by helping them develop the right product faster.


We like to work for customers that want to achieve groundbreaking results by developing and bringing new concepts to the market.

Systems Thinking

For solving complex issues, it often works best to zoom out first to understand or to design the system’s behaviour. Leijenaar Solutions uses Systems Thinking in many of it’s activities like:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Mechatronic product design
  • Strategy and Business development
  • Problem solving
  • Constraint Management

Rapid Learning Cycles

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework is a synthesis of methods from Agile and Lean Product Development and is intended for product development projects with a high degree of risk and uncertainty. It pulls learning forward and pushes decisions later.

Leijenaar Solutions is a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Affiliate and is fully trained to help companies adopt the Rapid Learning Cycles framework as described in the work of Katherine Radeka.