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Leijenaar Solutions:
mechatronic product development, design & consultancy

Our aim is to develop effective product solutions. We do this by integrating mechanics, electronic controls, physics and specific process knowledge into working products to satisfy the needs of user and business.

Our development approach

First focus on developing the right product, then develop the product right.

For this we have a wide set of tools that can be used when appropriate. For example: 

            • Rapid Learning Cycles a kind of agile way of working to develop products in the fastest possible way 
        • Ideal Product Modelling a technique to find out what the ideal product comprises that needs to be developed 
        • Lateral Thinking for creating new and inventive ideas and solving problems in various ways
        • Critical Thinking for objective analysing of solutions and ideas
        • System Architecture and V-model to structure the design and engineering process 
          • Mechatronic Design Principles to develop optimal solutions in the physical domain 
          • Design Principles for Precision Engineering to develop robust mechanical solutions 
          • Reliability Engineering for fine tuning solutions for performing for an intended lifespan

What we do

We can be hired for different roles depending on the clients need:

System architecting and design

(Leading) technical development in a product development project. We have experience with:

        • consumer products like coffee, floor care, medical aids, smart cooking and beverage appliances
      • mass production equipment based on electro chemical machining and electric discharge machining
      • projects for the semi-conductor industry
      • projects in yachting industry for electric drives, flap control and retraction mechanisms for drives and foils
      • projects in agricultural and food processing industry


        • technical reviewing, performing idea studies and troubleshooting in development trajectories
      • organising and facilitating product development trajectories

What kind of projects

A wide variety of product development projects have been accomplished. Sometimes one offs, but more often for series that do vary from 10 per year till products that are produced in millions per year. The production techniques and sizes can have a lot of variation, but the usual similarity is that it started with an idea or a working principle and needed to be translated into a product that is solving the job to be done, can be manufactured and is profitable for the business owner.

The distinguishing contribution in these projects was the ability to use physical principles to design optimal and inventive product solutions. For this it is needed to have a good grasp of the physical domain and to have process knowledge of the job that has to be solved. During the first sketches and later when a design starts to develop it can be beneficiary to add specialists to the team to raise the execution level. Specialists can be on the working process that needs to be translated into a product, user experience design, styling, control engineering, software, advanced finite element modelling or in materials and manufacturing technology.

To find out how we may be able to help you, it is best to start with a consult and discuss your product development needs. We can find out together if there is a mutual fit. If not, chances are that someone in our network might be a good fit instead. A free discussion therefor is always a good investment for your future developments. 

Below are some project examples:

Aira 22 retraction mechanism electric propulsion

For Aira Boats we developed a retractable electric propulsion system and designed parts for optimised series manufacturing.

Mechatronic product development, design & consultancy | Leijenaar Solutions

We are the developers of the Green Clipper Mowing Systems. A unique series of electrically driven rotary mowers.

Mechatronic product development, design & consultancy | Leijenaar Solutions

Together with PCV Group we have developed different coffee machines for household and professional use.


Product development is about teamwork and networking. These are our network partners we are associated with: 

LS Products BV

LS Products sister company for manufacturing of product solutions like eco clipper mowing systems.


PCV Group: People Creating Value

PCV Group network partner for larger product development trajectories.

Rapid Learning Cycles Institute

RLC institute the portal to learn more on the Rapid Learning Cycle Method.

ParadigmShift - Innovate beyond the current paradigm

ParadigmShift network partner for strategic plannning and development of new products and technologies, beyond the current paradigm. 

Mechatronic product development, design & consultancy | Leijenaar Solutions


In my parents gardening firm we developed our own equipment to make the heavy and tedious work easier. I learned that it also provided a competitive advantage. With our unique machines we were able to do a lot of work cheaper and better than the competition and became quite a large company. In the nineties the family split up the company and started to focus entirely on turf grass production. We kept developing equipment, but now for harvesting and automatic stacking of sod rolls and a mowing machine with a high output and quality cut that also could be used in wet conditions.

Together with my brother I turned the mower into a commercial product in 2002. We called it Green Clipper 5. It was a unique mower of 10 m wide with 30 electrically driven blades. The required power was coming from a generator on the machine that was driven by the tractors PTO. The Green Clipper 5 became a game changer in the turf grass industry. It was able to replace three 11-gang cylinder mowers. At that time the state of the art. It smashed the mowing costs and made the mowing scheme more predictable because it is not sensitive for wet conditions. What’s more it is more fun and comfortable to drive a larger tractor at higher speeds compared to the back then usual small and slow mowing tractors. In the years after I have developed smaller versions of the Green Clipper for smaller farms and sport grounds maintenance with the same characteristics as the big machine. After requests I have picked up developing for the turfgrass market again with a new line of electric mowers named eco clipper.

Syb Leijenaar

Green Clipper 5 on Leijenaar family farm

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