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Rapid Learning Cycles

Rapid Learning Cycle Framework

The Rapid Learning Cycle Framework is a synthesis of methods from Agile and Lean Product Development and is intended for the development of hardware products and products that require a longer development time. It is especially useful in projects with high uncertainty and high failure costs. RLC focuses on learning in order to make irreversible decisions with confidence.

Leijenaar Solutions is a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Affiliate and is fully trained to help companies adopt the Rapid Learning Cycles framework as described in the work of Katherine Radeka.

I would like to tell you more about RLC and how I can help to introduce it to speed up innovation in your company.

What it does

RLC facilitates the elicitation, prioritization and closing of all the knowledge gaps in a product development project and structures this in short, regular cycles. This prevents long slow development cycles with a chance of expensive loopbacks late in the process.

Rapid Learning Cycles framework in short

  • focus on program goal
  • facilitates collaboration
  • makes Knowledge Gaps and Key Decisions explicit
  • structures the process in time boxes
  • pulls learning forward
  • pushes decisions till the last responsible moment
  • captures knowledge
  • fits with most existing product development processes
  • flexible and easy to adapt


I was introduced to the RLC framework in 2011. Later, as a product engineering manager I have introduced RLC to manage the multi-project product development program in 2014 for a design driven consumer goods company. In recent years I have run various new concept development projects for consumer and professional products as a systems architect with RLC. As a consultant I have assisted Katherine Radeka with training groups in RLC.