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Syb Leijenaar

Develop the right product faster

Innovation is the conversion of new ideas into services or products that add value to the consumer and the business. Innovation is a necessary condition for a sustainable business. That is why it is important that the right product is developed and that it is done fast so it can contribute to the profit.

What I can do for you
  • Building development plans
  • Implementing Rapid Learning Cycles
  • Review plans and designs
  • Systems Architecture

In Leijenaar Solutions I focus on creating value for customers by helping them develop the right product faster.

I enjoy working for clients who want to achieve groundbreaking results by developing and bringing new concepts to the market. These can be start-ups as well as established companies that want to expand their product portfolio with new concepts.

I am a creative thinker and I combine technical depth with strong process knowledge and business insight. Right from the start of my career I have been involved in product development in many different branches such as medical devices, production equipment for the semi-conductor industry, food production, vending machines, consumer products and agricultural/horticultural machines.

With a solid foundation in mechanical engineering and mechatronic system design, I have broadened my scope to include lean project management, design thinking, product management and “Logical Thinking Processes”.

I’ve always wondered where the big differences come from in productivity and product development success rate. That is why I am very interested in methods that improve the development of the right product and speed up the process. One method I am very fond of is Rapid Learning Cycles.

I am a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Affiliate who is fully trained to help companies adopt the Rapid Learning Cycles framework as described in the work of Katherine Radeka.

Since the start of Leijenaar Solutions in 2008 I have helped various companies with product development projects. I have done this in different roles, such as systems architect, mechatronic designer, project manager and engineering manager.

In 2018 I developed my own electric mowing system, Eco Clipper, for maintaining large fields of grass  and I market it through LS Products BV. These products are well picked up in the niche market for sod farmers. Customers of Eco Clipper can reduce their mowing costs significantly. There are examples that customers triple the capacity, halve the fuel costs and increase the cutting quality all at the same time by switching to Eco Clipper.

Today I am especially interested to help companies to develop their products faster. In sharp  focused engagements I would like to help you focus on your goal and facilitate development teams in setting up development plans to develop the right product faster.

A collaboration can start with a low threshold by clarifying your question and objective and identifying whether, where and how we can help in the realization of innovation plans or the improvement of the internal product development process.

Product development is about teamwork and networking. In addition to cooperation with the client, we also work with:

Rapid Learning Cycles Institute

Leijenaar solutions is accredited to teach and apply the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework under license.

PCV Group

Network partner for large product development projects

LS Products BV

Our sister company for manufacturing own products, like Eco Clipper Mowing Systems

Paradigm Shift

Network partner for new products and technologies, beyond the current paradigm